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To whom it may concern,


On August 24, 2015, the Board of Directors voted to make changes on applying and becoming a member of Daisytown Sportsmen’s Club.


Membership in the Daisytown Sportsmen’s Club starts with acquiring an application, available at the clubhouse during open hours or by printing the application located here. and filling in the required data.


Once you have completed the membership application, you will need to attend the regular membership meeting on the 3rd Monday of each month.  At that time, you will be required to show the Membership Chairman your identification, concealed carry card, and other documentation as listed on the application.  You will need to stay for the meeting. If you are 18 to 21 years old, you must acquire a criminal background check within the past 90 days and present that certification in place of the concealed carry permit.


You will be asked to introduce yourself, explain your interest in our Club and describe your previous shooting and firearms training/handling experience.  After all applicants have been heard, there will be a vote by the active members on acceptance of the new applicants.

After the meeting is adjourned, all new members will be required to attend a safety/orientation meeting BEFORE being issued a membership card and gate card.


  • The cost of membership is $50 for Social, $25 for Active and $15 for Senior Active membership.  All new members are voted in as Social members.

  • A proximity key card to the driveway gate is $10.  This is a MUST to carry with you when using the club as it is needed to both enter and exit the property.  Cards are issued after the general membership meeting ONLY. Please take care of this card as a replacement card, if lost, will cost you $25.

  • If you are not an NRA member, we require that you buy the minimum “liberty” membership the first year and that cost is $10.  If you are an NRA member please provide your number on the application where indicated.  Please be sure to bring your NRA membership card with you.  Our club liability insurance depends on the club requiring NRA membership.

  • You must have a current Concealed Carry Permit before applying for membership. Card will be checked when applying for membership.


We are open at the clubhouse on Tuesday evenings, most Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons between the hours of 11:30 am and 3:30 pm.  Our regular club meeting nights are the 3rd Monday of each month @ 7:00 pm.


Make check payable to Daisytown Sportsmen’s Club.


Membership runs from January through December of each year.  If your dues are not paid by January 31st, you gate card will be deactivated and you will no longer be considered a member, based on the Club’s Constitution, Article III, Section 8.  If you wish to re-apply for membership, you will need to do so following our new rules/guidelines.  There will be no exceptions!


If you are renewing your club dues, and you would like your membership card sent to you, you MUST include a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Otherwise, your membership card will be in the clubhouse.


Mail your renewal with a check made out to Daisytown Sportsmen's Club to: 

Daisytown Sportsmen's Club

198 Fulmer Road

Johnstown, PA 15904

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